We loves us some graphic novels at Northwest Press, and we’ve focused on big books with spines ever since we got started, but recently we got it in our heads to release some of our upcoming projects as single issues, so that readers won’t have to wait so long for new stuff from their favorite creators!

Without further ado, here are the covers for the first two issues of The Legend of Bold Riley monthly miniseries, and the first issue of the new A Waste of Time ongoing series! TLoBR #1 (cover by Brittney Sabo) hits Diamond PREVIEWS next month, and TLoBR #2 (cover by Terry Blas) and AWoT #1 (cover by Rick Worley) will be in April PREVIEWS!

I did a cover!!!! Check it out. 

ALRIGHT! Check it out guys! The covers for the first two single issues of Bold Riley: Unspun! The Talking Bone will be hitting stores this spring and Warp and Weft following it up. Peep those glorious covers by Brittney Sabo and Terry Blas!